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Alfa Class Project 705 1:96

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RC U-Boot Maximus Modellbau Alfa 1:96
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RC Modell sowjetische Alfa Klasse
Finest Details
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Bajonettverschluss U-Bootmodell
Integrated Bajonet Locking System
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RC Modell Alfa Maximus Modellbau
Box Content
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3D Druck Alfa U-Boot Maximus
Engravings and Markings
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U-Bootmodell Maximus
Alfa 1:96

Price: 499,99€*
available from 01.07.2024

At least since the film "Hunt for Red October"©, the Alfa-class nuclear submarine has become a symbol of Russian attack submarines. Neither before nor after submarines were built with speeds in excess of 40 knots and such lines. These properties make the prototype of the project 705 Lira (original Russian name) interesting for submarine model building.
Our design also impresses with a remarkable speed spectrum. In order to transmit the control commands precisely, rudder levers are included made of selective laser melting. The rear of the model, as well as all details, were created in resin.
It's all a question of optics:
For the first time all boat surfaces have engravings. An extensive optional decal set from RCSUBS.CZ completes the Alfa class model.
The Alfa class model is part of our new kit concepts. The content of delivery includes a bayonet lock as well as a pre-assembled and tested ballast tank with limit switch. Paired with the separately available electronics from Norbert Brüggen, this results in a handy model that offers breathtaking performance in the water. From lightning fast to elegant: You as the model captain decide!

electric components:

Spray Filler for smooth surfaces:

complete exterior with mechanical fittings made from 3D printer
(Hull PETG, details SLA-Resine)
inclusive fittings and linkages
Propulsion System
!preassembled diving system!

Bajonet Hull-Locking-System
preassembled pressure hull sections

needed electronics:
Ballasttank controller BTS
Robustregler ESC
2 Servos 9g
Battery12V / Lipo 3S 2200mAh 20C
Radio and Transmitter

Voltage: 12V
Ballast Tank with automatic Cutoff 350ml

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