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Submarine Class 206A 1:72

Submarine Class 206A
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The Submarine Class 206A formed the backbone of the German Navy for decades. The original as well as the model are characterized by a distinctive shape. This RC-Model Kit was created in cooperation with RCSUBS.CZ. In more than a year of development, an miniature of the 206A Class was created as a single-hull boat with a bayonet lock and static diving system. Modern manufacturing processes guarantee highly detailed assemblies with SMOOTH surfaces. The highlight of the submarine kit is an extensive set of brass etched parts from Oto Gerza, which allows the boat to be equipped with the finest surface details. The content of delivery is rounded off with markings for U-17 of the German Navy.
Technically, the model has it all! The engine has a gearbox, which means that the propeller and engine torque almost cancel each other out. Because of this and the low center of gravity of the single-hull boat, the model is stable in the water. Furthermore, the design enables a prototypical watermark line. These technical focal points can now be solved for the first time with modern technology on this scale.
Like our other models, the 206A comes to the customer with a pre-built and tested ballast tank. The parts are sorted according to the construction sequence, which means that you get a highly detailed miniature within a very short time. Once trimmed and adjusted, the boat is very easy to steer, even under water

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RC Model Kit Submarine 206A
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