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Submarine Class 212 A 1:72

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Die neue 212A 2023
Die neue 212A 2023 von Maximus
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RC Modell 212A Class
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Maximus U-Boot 212A mit Gravuren
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RC Modell 212A Bundeswehr Submarine Maximus Modellbau
Völlig neu entworfener Rumpf
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3D Druck Skipjack U-Boot Maximus
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U-Bootmodell Maximus


Price: 599,99€*

The German Navy's Class 212A submarine impresses with its elegant design and X-rudder arrangement. The type represents the most modern submarines in the German Navy, not least due to its highly developed sensor technology, low noise emissions and innovative fuel cell drive. These are just a few reasons to pilot this fascinating submarine as a model. Based on our experiences with our 1:72 scale replica, which has been produced since 2020, we have designed a completely new model.
The main request from our customers was to have engravings on the model. To do this, we translated the hull into single-hull construction and added surface details. As a result, our 212A now has fine recessed engravings. This involves less post-processing of the surfaces than it is the case with FDM printed parts. The submarine is almost twice as heavy as the old submarine with the same dimensions, which creates a very stable position in the water. Nevertheless, the Maximus 212A is extremely agile and moves almost as fast as our Skipjack class.
The system has received our new ballast tank with a capacity of 550 ml as a central part of the technical framework. The integrative construction method from our own company guarantees rapid construction progress. Another point of criticism compared to the old design was the rear section. The new version is significantly more robust and easier to maintain. The rudder linkages now have a specified synchronization and can be synchronized much more easily. A bayonet lock completes the system. In order to present a contemporary model, the kit contains the current markings of U-31 and the currently used 7-blade crescent screw with diffuser by the german navy. The ship's propeller is now not glued, but rather screwed onto the stainless steel shaft. We brought Martin Kunze (MK Modellbau) on board for this purpose. The drive shafts, as well as the optional electronics from Norbert Brüggen (diving robot shop) are Made in Germany. Oto Gerza (RCSUBS.CZ) makes the markings for your Maximus 212A 1:72, which are included in the scope of delivery. Speaking of electrics: If you don't like lipos, you have enough space for your own solutions.
With our new interpretation, the model maker receives a model that is easier and quicker to build. The excellent performance knows how to inspire. In this way you get a compact model with a very small turning circle that you can take with you to the pond or on vacation.

electronic components:

complete exterior with mechanical fittings made from resin 3D print with fine engravings
inclusive fittings and linkages
Propulsion System
!preassembled piston tank diving system!

Bajonet Hull-Locking-System

needed electronics:
Ballasttank controller BTS
Robustregler ESC
2 Servos Standard Size
Battery12V / Lipo 3S 2200mAh 20C
Radio and Transmitter

Voltage: 12V
Ballast Tank System: Piston Tank 550ml

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